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About Us is a free price comparison website. In short, makes book shopping easy with a user-friendly interface which helps you to save time and money. is a quick and simple search engine for books that helps you compare the price and know the availability of books across various online bookstores in Sri Lanka. The site has been popular among book lovers and we have now launched a mobile app which is available for download free from Google playstore. helps you FIND THE CHEAPEST PRICE and get the BEST DEAL.

When you enter a book to be searched, will then check the prices at Sri Lankan bookshop websites and show you their price all in one location. So that you can find cheapest price without spending hours searching all the bookshops yourself. We don't stop there. goes one step further, If you decide you want to get the book from the bookshop of your choice we will pick up the book and DELIVER THE BOOK TO YOUR DOORSTEP.

If the book is not available in Sri Lanka WE WILL SEARCH THE WORLD FOR THE BOOK, we will SPECIAL ORDER THE BOOK and DELIVER the book to your doorstep.

BOOKPRICE.lK saves you TIME, MONEY and ENERGY.You'll not want to buy books again without checking first