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The novel Saving Faith is a political suspense thriller packed with the right mix of interesting elements to entertain the audience. With some mystery, conspiracy, action, and betrayal, spiced up with a zing of techno wizardry, this novel has versatile elements to it.. Written by a genius author and a person behind the stories that led to TV and movie adaptations, this book is one of the best of his creations.The plot of this novel spins around a cold war between the CIA and FBI, to win over the favour of the Congress to support them with the funding. In the process, one of the CIA’s renegades Robert Thornhill, who working through his secret bunker, conspires to take away a bribery scheme originally designed by a legendary Washington lobbyist, Danny Buchanan, in order to blackmail the Congress to fall to his whims. Therefore, he plots to kill Buchanan and his assistant. But, Thornhill’s plans go vary as Buchanan's assistant Faith Lockhart, while confessing her boss’s dealings with the FBI, finds out that her life is in danger. Confused with whom to trust and whom not to trust, Faith is on the run for her life with Lee Adams, who saved her life but also has been hired to shadow her by her boss Buchanan. With mysteries interlocking with each other and with the surmounting suspense, this book kindles the eagerness of the readers and forces them to turn pages.

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