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Research building Planning and Design

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Research building Planning and Design

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Research building is a very comprehensive architectural structure, and it must meet requirements on aspects of functional area, technical equipment, economic cost and law. They represent innovative means of production?-that is why the design of research building is always changing. According to the changes in the field of scientific research, the challenges faced by research architecture are how to make the high-tech equipments merged into the environment with better communication and how to integrate the institution itself into the atmosphere of communication and interaction through design. The former strictly functional organization is bound to be replaced by the beneficial communication cycle. This book presents us that technical improvements are not necessarily the key to the design of great research buildings. The best research buildings position the researchers as the most creative agents in the process of scientific experiments. The building is not a machine which the scientists manipulate but a tooth at the macroscopic level. Meanwhile it is also a cultural construction with collaborative cohesion and creating imaginative.

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