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New Aphorisms & Reflections</TI>  <isbn>0761857761</isbn>  <I3>9780761857761</I3>  <AU>Carter, Steven;

New Aphorisms & Reflections 0761857761 9780761857761 Carter, Steven;

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This book, the seventh volume in a sequence which began with 222: Aphorisms & Reflections, features more than 450 entries, some of which are autobiographical. Like its predecessors, New Aphorisms & Reflections includes a sampling of \"meetings of the minds\"-dialogues between the author and aphorists and thinkers of the past. 21.95 188 ZZZ 0 Reclaim American Liberty 0761857885 9780761857884 University Press of America The presidential election of 2008 ushered in a period of dramatic transformation. Public dissatisfaction expressed itself as a desire to reclaim liberty. This book, based on a series of presentations at the Hudson Institute-Family Security Matters Conference, attempts to capture this fervent political spirit. 42.95 345 B00 0 Jewish Secularity 0761857931 9780761857938 University Press of America A growing number of Jews identify themselves as secular or \"somewhat secular.\" Is this expansive definition of Jewishness a new phenomenon? What are its roots? This insightful book provides an overview of a profound development in the evolving history of Jewish life in America. 42.95 370 K02 0 Criminology and Criminal Policy Movements 0761858520 9780761858522 Zaffaroni, Eugenio Raul;Oliveira, Edmundo;