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Island of a Thousand Mirrors

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Island of a Thousand Mirrors

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He sleeps with an arm thrown across his face to block out the silver threads of dawn, the sugary-sweet film soundtracks rising from the neighbors radio, the roaring of that fierce and relentless ocean. His lips move. From the drowned depths of his sleep, it is my sisters name, the single syllable of it that emerges over and over. A whispered keening of the sound I bestowed upon her lifetimes ago. I stay perfectly still, perfectly quiet, my hands folded on his fluttering heart. From here, this close to him, I can still hear her breathing on the other side of him.... Nayomi Munaweera was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in Nigeria. She emigrated to the United States in her early teens. She lives in Orkland, California. Island of a Thousand Mirrors is her first Novel.

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