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Internal Communications

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Internal Communications

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Internal Communication is an attempt at showcasing the importance of internal communications, key internal communications solutions and practices with insight into models, strategy and policies that are used widely by practitioners. It will give a deep understanding of the key issues confronting the internal communications discipline today in India and abroad. Readers will also get tips on how to raise the profile of internal communications within their set-up, essential skills for internal communications and a review of drawbacks and benefits of social media. Table of Contents 1. Foreword 2. Preface 3. Understanding Internal Communications 4. Internal Communications Basics 5. Internal Communications Measurement 6. Internal Communicators: Building and Coaching Your Team 7. Internal Communications in India 8. Challenges and Opportunities in Internal Communications 9. Crises and Internal Communications 10. The Future of Internal Communications 11. Employee Engagement and Inclusive Internal Communication 12. Integrating Social Media with Internal Communications: Challenges and Opportunities 13. Working with Leadership 14. Messaging and Internal Communications 15. Resources 16. Interviews with the Author/ References 17. Index

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