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he novel Dear John is an emotional love story of a man in a dilemma. He has to make some of the toughest decisions in his life, and might even end up with a broken heart. Usually, all the stories by Nicholas Sparks have a message for its readers, and his book delivers a valuable message with a tragic ending. This story depicts true love as a selfless sacrifice, and it tries to raise hope, from sadness.This story is about John who is an angry mutineer and a school dropout. Having nothing to do with his life, he joins the army, and meets the love of his life, Savannah while he is back on a break. Their attraction turns into love, and when John has to leave for attending his duty, Savannah is left to wait for him until he returns. But none of them expect that 9/11 would change their lives forever.John, who decides, to re-enlist for the sake of his country, now has to face the bitter twist in his fate. Savannah sick of waiting, falls in love with someone else and gets married. Find out what happens when he returns to meet the past love of his life, and how he come to grips with the situation at the end of this book.

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