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Color & Character: A Contemplation of the Four Divine Qualities</TI>  <isbn>1411687752</isbn>  <I3>9781411687752</I3>  <AU>Robison, F. H.;

Color & Character: A Contemplation of the Four Divine Qualities 1411687752 9781411687752 Robison, F. H.;

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First appearing the 1920 and 1921 issues of The GOLDEN AGE magazine, the series of articles titled COLOR & CHARACTER may be one of the first attempts at a \"unified field theory\" of Christian Psychology. Moving from a discussion of color, then to sound, music and speech, then to physiognomy and psychology, the author takes us on an unusual journey. 7.50 246 R00 0 Life and Times of Harry Broadtape 141168835X 9781411688353 Johnson, John;