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Ajaya Sample Chapter

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Ajaya Sample Chapter

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BHISHMA, THE NOBLE PATRIACH of Hastinapura, is struggling to maintain the unity of his empire, aided by his able Prime Minister, Vidhura. But beyond the Vindhyas, in the deep South, the enigmatic Guru of the powerful Southern Confederacy, bides his time to take over Hastinapura and impose his dark will upon all of India. On the throne sit Dhritarashtra Ð the blind king, and his foreign-born queen Ð Gandhari. A rival queen Ð Kunti, stands in the shadow of the throne, ambition burning in her heart to see her eldest son become King, aided by his four Pandava brothers. An unscrupulous Priest, and a man who wishes to be king-maker, conspire with the Pandavas to ensure Prince Suyodhana, the rightful heir, is denied his legacy. In the dark forests of India, where poverty alone rules, a revolution is brewing; Ekalavya, a young Nishada, yearns for the knowledge of warriors; Karna, a humble charioteer's son, travels the to the South to become the greatest archer in the land; Aswathama, a Brahmin youth, disobeys Drona, his illustrious father, to stand beside his friend and Prince; and Balarama, charismatic leader of the Yadavas, dreams of building the perfect city by the sea. And a beggar and a blind dog walk the dusty streets of India, witness to those far greater than he, become puppets in the hands of their searing destinies. Amidst the chaos, Prince Suyodhana, heir of Hastinapura, stands tall, determined to claim his birthright and act according to his conscience. Neither God nor Man can stop him from doing what he thinks is right. He is the maker of his own destinyÉor so he believes. But in the shadows of the Court, a foreigner gambles Ð his dream to destroy India. And the dice fallsÉ

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