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23 Things They Dont Tell You about Capitalism

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23 Things They Dont Tell You about Capitalism

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The acclaimed Ha-Joon Chang is a voice of sanity-and wit-in this lighthearted book with a serious purpose: to question the assumptions behind the dogma and sheer hype that the dominant school of neoliberal economists have spun since the Age of Reagan." 23 Things They Dont Tell You about Capitalism" uses twenty-three short essays (a few great examples: ""There Is No Such Thing as a Free Market,""""The Washing Machine Has Changed the World More than the Internet Has"") to equip readers with an understanding of how global capitalism works, and doesnt, while offering a vision of how we can shape capitalism to humane ends, instead of becoming slaves of the market. Praise for" 23 Things They Dont Tell You about Capitalism" "A lively, accessible and provocative book."-"Sunday Times"(UK ) "Chang, befitting his position as an economics professor at Cambridge University, is engagingly thoughtful and opinionated at a much lower decibel level. The "truths" peddled by free-market ideologues are based on lazy assumptions and blinkered visions, he charges."-"Time"

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